An era in which intelligent machines enter the life of man.

13 Jun 2019

Fourth Industrial Revolution (4th Industrial Revolution) - We live in very interesting times. Only 200 years ago, and most places on Earth and 100 years ago, in order to deliver a message from point A to point B, you had to go or ride an animal (e.g. a horse). Then there were telegraphs, landlines, then mobile phones + sms, mobile phones + internet. Now they are afraid to think that people do nothing or do stupid things and make money on it. Others pay them for it. It used to be unthinkable. And today? 

Only 150 years ago, and even later, our great-grandfather could pass his trade on to his child or grandson and be sure that his family would have something to eat (because this trade will still be relevant and necessary). And now, our children or grandchildren will be engaged in professions that we have a very pale idea about, and it's hard for us to even imagine what form they'll take (just like our parents, they have difficulty understanding what stress is or even Esperanto. 

In which direction is this world rushing and whether or not it's a road to nowhere. We want to reach heaven, but what is it really like?

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