I'm trying to imagine how much money it is in the whole gaming business

7 Dec 2019

Even comparing to those milliard dollars for which we sold our company recently by joining our twitch partners, this amount seems completely abstract today.

If somebody had told me 5 years ago that I would be dealing with the gaming industry and the investment issue, I wouldn't have believed him. Nor that three years later our company will be worth over 5 billion euros... I remember that when I was a teenager, I was afraid to set myself too high goals. When I dreamt of my own Ferrari, I set myself the goal of buying a new e-Tron I don't know what I was afraid of. I don't know why I didn't let myself dream without limitations. Together with our partners we decided to invest in sports projects such as esport forum or kotaku gaming site.

I don't know why I didn't set myself very ambitious or even crazy goals before. In practice, it turned out that every goal I set myself,

Fortunately, with every goal achieved, I was raising the bar for myself. If I could go back to myself when I was a dozen or so years old and manage myself, I would say: Don't let other people's restrictions be imposed on you. Set yourself greater goals in every aspect of your life. Let yourself have dreams, even those crazy. Let yourself set goals that seem unattainable even if they're "just" stupid games. You don't have to change anything else. It'll work out, you'll see. Nobody really knows how to do it all. Everybody does their best to make it better. He's often wrong.

Everyone does, but you have to do it in small steps. Throughout all the years that you have in front of you, every little step will make a long and exciting journey in the world of big money . Take a small step every day and you'll see that you'll get your momentum. Just like stona htlv.org is now number 1 in CS, tomorrow you will be number 1 in multiplayer. Step by step, you will grow in strength until nothing stops you.

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